Node Atlas NodeAtlas

The Progressive Server-side JavaScript Framework

  • Simple set-up

    You know HTML & CSS?
    But not JavaScript?

    Quickly create multilingual websites effortlessly with simple routes, views or variations.

  • Scalable website

    JavaScript client-side Expert?
    Ready to embrace Node.js?

    Gradually improve your base as you need by using controllers, models or modules.

  • Agnostic client side

    Already your Front-end habits?
    You use Data Binding?

    From Vanilla to jQuery and going through Vue, Angular or React: use your favorite tools!

More About NodeAtlas

NodeAtlas is made of such a way that the instanciate object contains all the functions allowing it to function. NodeAtlas delivers itself it's object into controllers via the methods used in the Back-end mode with Node.js for you to occasionally change his behavior.

NodeAtlas vs. Others

Type Top Features Suitable For Pure Node runtime Front-end part Main support language
NodeAtlas MVC(2) Web Framework Simplicity, Evolutivity, Modularity Web sites/apps, REST APIs, Templating Yes Free French
Express HTTP Server Library HTTP routing, middleware Simple web apps Yes No English
Hapi HTTP Server Framework Modularity, security Web apps, APIs Yes Free English
LoopBack API Framework Enterprise connectivity Web apps, APIs Yes Free English
Meteor Full-stack JavaScript App Platform Front-end and Back-end Framework Web apps No Meteor English
Next Renderer Server Framework React renderer ready to use Web apps Yes React English
Nuxt Renderer Server Framework Vue renderer ready to use Web apps Yes Vue English
Restify HTTP Library Simplicity, REST routing Simple REST APIs Yes No English
Sails MVC Web Framework Rails familiarity Web apps, APIs Yes Free English
Total MVC Web Framework Django familiarity Web apps, APIs Yes jComponent English